Our Services

Williams Trade Law specializes in the regulation of international trade.  See Examples of Past Work.


Market Access Issues

  • advising exporting firms and their governments on market access issues;
  • assess whether laws and governmental actions are consistent with rules under the WTO or under other trade agreements and
  • assisting clients with an appropriate strategy.



Consultations and Litigation in the World Trade Organization or under other trade agreements

  • representing WTO Members in WTO consultations or dispute settlement,
  • assisting WTO Members to protect their interests affected by litigation commenced by other Members, especially guiding you through the choice between participating as a third party or a co-complainant.



Trade Remedies Law

  • assisting Importers and Exporters in defending against trade remedies measures in Australia and through associated lawyers in other jurisdictions. 



Treaty Negotiations

  • advising firms, trade associations and governments on negotiations including multilateral negotiations under the WTO, plurilateral negotiations, and negotiations for bilateral trade agreements and bilateral investment protection treaties.    



Technical Assistance

  • providing assistance with technical assistance projects of various kinds, training on WTO agreements, on preparation for WTO accession and post accession implementation, or on preparation for accession to other regional trade agreements, for example, the ASEAN Economic Community.



Education in WTO & Trade Regulation

  • Brett Williams can offer university courses in WTO Law or in more specialized topics, for example, trade and environment, trade remedies, or free trade agreements.